Back To Work In Agriculture

The agribusiness and food sector will play a vital role in Queensland’s economic recovery from COVID-19. The funding package announced as part of economic recovery will support regional development, jobs in rural communities, health and wellbeing, and the environment–the agribusiness and food sector is vital to Queensland’s economic recovery from COVID-19. Sheep meat processing industry investment [...]

MLA Scholarship Program


Supports students undertaking postgraduate studies (mostly PhDs) for up to three years of their candidature. Students receive a stipend higher than Australian Postgraduate Award stipends, plus support for project costs. Student projects are varied and cover a wide range of industry-related topics including all areas of interest in MLA's livestock production R&D programs. Many students [...]

Rural Agriculture Development Grants

Offers co-contribution grants to support economic development in relevant rural areas and support growth within the industry. Co-contribution grants of up to $200,000 are available to eligible applicants to carry out activities which will create employment relating to, or increase the sale and value of products or materials derived from sheep or goats. This scheme [...]

Queensland Agritourism Business Grants

Assists farmers to establish or expand into agritourism by employing professional or specialist services or constructing or modifying on-farm infrastructure.

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