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The agribusiness and food sector will play a vital role in Queensland’s economic recovery from COVID-19.

The funding package announced as part of economic recovery will support regional development, jobs in rural communities, health and wellbeing, and the environment–the agribusiness and food sector is vital to Queensland’s economic recovery from COVID-19.

  • Sheep meat processing industry investment strategy: $250,000 – to provide a framework for industry and government investment focused on industry engagement, supply chain issues, and skills and market development, to help increase investor interest in Queensland’s sheep meat supply chain.
  • Support for agricultural development in the North West: $250,000 – to identify opportunities for dryland agriculture to support farmers and graziers in the North West region, to develop and deliver practical solutions for landholders to inform decision making that will unlock the region’s dryland agricultural potential in conjunction with emerging irrigation opportunities.
  • Enhancing local government biosecurity capacity: $450,000 – to embed effective, long-lasting regional biosecurity partnerships with local governments that significantly boost pest and invasive plant management capability across Queensland, with an initial focus on Far North Queensland.
  • Agricultural seasonal labour: More than $1.1 million ($750,000 new funding) to identify Queensland agricultural seasonal workforce needs and immediately implement local solutions that connect agribusinesses with relevant and appropriate workforce solutions. This initiative includes:
    • #pickqld campaign
      A targeted campaign to connect seasonal workers, displaced Queensland workers and working holiday makers, to employment opportunities in key agriculture regions where demand for workers are high.
    • #pickqld bonus
      A $1,500 cash payment for new workers to Queensland agricultural industries. Payment is available to people with a right to work in Australia, aged 16 years or over. The $1,500 incentive is paid in two instalments:

      • an initial $500 after 10 days work within a consecutive 28-day period (4 weeks)
      • a second and final payment of $1,000 after 30 days of additional work within a consecutive 70-day period (10 weeks).
    • Queensland Agriculture Workforce Network support
      Building on the established Queensland Agriculture Workforce Network (QAWN) to deliver local solutions to workforce issues, in collaboration with industry groups and local governments, to encourage, place and keep Queenslanders in agricultural work.
  • Digital transformation in agribusiness: $5.5 million—to develop integrated supply chains that improve traceability, biosecurity and food safety.
  • Reinvigorated agricultural trade relationships: $5 million—to support e-commerce and virtual trade facilitation in key markets, and assist coordination of demand for additional regular air-freight services.
  • Agribusiness diversification assistance: $2 million—to build capability and explore potential diversification opportunities in agricultural businesses, including for tourism.
  • Additional round of the Queensland Feral Pest Initiative$5 million—to support construction of cluster fencing.

We continue to work with industry, through the agriculture coordination group, to progress these initiatives and develop industry-led solutions. Subscribe to Agriculture News for updates.

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