Gallery Walk Precinct Project

In a recent meeting with the Scenic Rim Regional Council, stakeholders had the pleasure of discussing several exciting regional projects, with a spotlight on the eagerly anticipated ‘Gallery Walk Precinct’ project for Tamborine Mountain. As discussions progress, enthusiasm mounts for the role this initiative will play in shaping the future of the area. Currently in its concept phase, the ‘Gallery Walk Precinct’ project aims to revolutionise accessibility and functionality on Tamborine Mountain. Plans include the implementation of enhanced lighting, shade structures, seating areas, and upgraded footpaths. These enhancements are poised to not only beautify the landscape but also provide a more enjoyable experience for both residents and visitors.

Moreover, the project seeks to cultivate a dynamic atmosphere infused with arts, culture, and local flavour. From showcasing the works of talented artisans to highlighting the abundance of locally sourced produce and products, the precinct will serve as a vibrant hub of creativity and commerce. Visitors can look forward to immersing themselves in the rich tapestry of Tamborine Mountain’s cultural heritage while enjoying a warm and welcoming country ambiance. For those eager to stay informed and engaged, ‘Let’s Talk Scenic Rim’ offers a platform for ongoing dialogue and information sharing. Through this collaborative approach, stakeholders are invited to contribute their ideas and insights, ensuring that the ‘Gallery Walk Precinct’ reflects the collective aspirations of the community it serves.