Lockyer Valley Equine Precinct


The Lockyer Valley Equine Precinct is a multi-staged redevelopment that will harness the traditions and legacy of the Lockyer Valley’s thoroughbred racing and provide a new iconic, world-class national equine precinct.

How this benefits the region

The Queensland equine industry is experiencing and planning for high growth in economic value and additional jobs over the next 20 years and beyond.

The proposed equine precinct redevelopment will boost the equine industry cluster in the Lockyer Valley, delivering productivity, effectiveness and innovation to the region’s facilities and specialists in equine health.

Regional partnerships

A collaborative of stakeholders is leading the project to develop a sustainable equine precinct for the long term. This precinct supports the growth in thoroughbred racing, the equine industry, associated businesses, and generates additional jobs in the region and South East Queensland.

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What the project has to offer


  • The proposed equine precinct will strengthen the equine industry cluster in the Lockyer Valley, delivering growth and innovation with a new iconic world class national equine precinct.
  • If the business case indicates a positive return on investment the collaborative partners would be putting the project to the State and Olympic Committee as an option for consideration.

  • There are no funding commitments for this project at this stage. The business case currently being prepared will help to make funding applications and seek investors for its delivery and operation.