Ipswich Hospital Unveils $104.6 Million Mental Health Facility

Ipswich Hospital has officially opened its new Mental Health Acute Inpatient Service (MHAIS), an investment of $104.6 million. The Health Minister, Shannon Fentiman, inaugurated the 64-bed facility, a key component of the hospital’s campus, marking the culmination of the $153.8 million Stage 1 Ipswich Hospital Expansion.

The MHAIS, which began serving patients in November 2023, blends cutting-edge facilities with carefully considered design elements aimed at facilitating mental health rehabilitation and recovery. The facility represents a significant upgrade from its predecessor, offering an additional 16 beds, increasing the capacity to 64 beds. This expansion includes specialised spaces for adult patients, the elderly, the vulnerable, and those requiring more intensive clinical care.

Architectural highlights of the new facility include the incorporation of natural light, internal green spaces, and a soothing sensory room. These elements are specifically designed to promote wellbeing and recovery. The MHAIS offers various amenities to foster social connections among patients, staff, and visitors. These include ping pong and chess tables, a small gymnasium, gardening areas, and barbecue facilities.

The opening of the MHAIS is not just a milestone for Ipswich Hospital but also signifies the completion of Stage 1 of the Ipswich Hospital Expansion project. Looking ahead, the hospital is set to commence construction on Stage 2 of the expansion later this year. This next phase promises to further enhance the hospital’s capabilities with the addition of 200 more beds, continuing the commitment to improving healthcare facilities in the region.

To read more about the Mental Health Acute Inpatient Service (MHAIS) please visit the Queensland Government Media Statement.