Kilcoy Streetscape Masterplan Unveiled: A Transformative Collaboration

In a recent meeting, RDA Ipswich & West Moreton’s CEO, Rees Banks, and Communications Officer, Bri Kliese, engaged with Somerset Regional Council to discuss the forward-thinking Kilcoy Streetscape Masterplan.

The collaborative effort between the Council and the community aims to transform Kilcoy’s identity, character, and the quality of its town centre. This initiative seeks to leave a lasting positive legacy for generations to come.

Special thanks to Bronwyn Davies of the Kilcoy Chamber of Commerce for showing Rees and Bri around the town centre and outlining the community’s desires for the project.

Stay tuned for more updates as RDA Ipswich & West Moreton advocates alongside the Council and community to make Kilcoy even more vibrant and welcoming!

To learn more about the Kilcoy Streetscape Masterplan, visit: Somerset Regional Council.