Lockyer Valley Regional Council and RDA Ipswich & West Moreton a Collaborate for Future Growth

Lockyer Valley Regional Council and Regional Development Australia Ipswich & West Moreton have announced a significant collaboration aimed at driving future development in the Lockyer Valley community.

Rees met with the new Lockyer Valley Regional Council members in early May to discuss upcoming projects crucial for the region’s growth.

This partnership marks a milestone in the region’s progress, with both entities committed to achieving optimal outcomes for the community.

Key projects include the Sustainable Water and Equine Precinct initiatives, which will enhance the region’s sustainability and strength.

Stay informed about project updates and milestones. For more information:

Lockyer Valley Equine Precinct: https://www.rdaiwm.org.au/projects/the-lockyer-valley-equine-precinct/

Lockyer Valley and Somerset Water Collaborative: https://lvandswatercollaborative.com.au/

The journey towards a resilient Lockyer Valley community has begun. Stay tuned for updates.