QLD congratulates Rheinmetall on massive export deal

Queensland’s home-grown combat vehicles are reportedly on the verge of making a global impact as one of Australia’s largest defence exports, according to a proposed deal soon to be signed by the Federal Government. The deal involves exporting the locally manufactured Boxer combat reconnaissance vehicles from Rheinmetall Defence Australia, headquartered in Ipswich.

In a deal worth an estimated $1 billion, the agreement would deliver over 100 Boxer combat vehicles to the German Bundeswehr. This is a significant step forward for the defence industry in Australia and an affirmation of the global reputation of Australian-made military equipment.

The vehicles are set to be produced at Rheinmetall’s state-of-the-art Military Vehicle Centre of Excellence (MILVEHCOE), located in Redbank, Queensland. The Redbank facility is part of the country’s largest and most advanced heavy vehicle manufacturing precinct. This deal not only puts Australia’s defence industry on the global map but also guarantees sustained work for Rheinmetall’s 600-strong workforce.

The landmark deal highlights Queensland’s defence manufacturing capability and signifies a shift in the economic value of Australia’s defence exports. This project is set to bolster Australia’s economy and global standing in the defence industry.