Scenic Rim Brings Leading Agricultural Experts to the Region with Future Ag Queensland Workshops

Regional Development Australia Ipswich & West Moreton is proud to announce that Scenic Rim has partnered with Future Ag Queensland to deliver a series of workshops for the Agricultural sector. The workshops will bring together leading experts to cover key topics such as farm and enterprise planning, financial and succession planning, insurance, agtech, and opportunities in emerging markets.

The workshops aim to provide valuable information and data to help farmers make informed decisions and improve their yields, reduce their impact on the environment, and enhance their market prospects. The experts will also discuss how farmers can diversify their enterprises to strengthen their operations and capitalize on emerging markets.

If you are interested in attending these workshops, please contact the Council’s Regional Prosperity Team on 07 5540 5111 or by emailing [email protected]. This is a unique opportunity for farmers in the region to gain insights from leading experts and take their operations to the next level. Don’t miss out on this valuable opportunity to grow your business and strengthen your enterprise.

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