Swanbank Clean Energy Hub

In a bold move towards sustainability, CleanCo Queensland has unveiled plans to convert the Swanbank site into a cutting-edge Clean Energy Hub. This transformative initiative aims to replace outdated coal-fired power stations with advanced clean energy technologies, signaling a pivotal shift towards renewable energy sources in the region. Following a meticulous Expression of Interest (EOI) process conducted in September 2023 within the energy sector, CleanCo is poised to select from a range of clean energy options, including the highly efficient Swanbank E Combined-cycle Gas-fired Power Station, as well as solar power, battery storage, and green hydrogen technologies.

Central to CleanCo’s vision is the active engagement of the community, particularly in the Ipswich area, to ensure that the development aligns with local needs and aspirations. CleanCo’s commitment to community involvement extends beyond energy infrastructure to encompass considerations of site restoration, ecological preservation, and the creation of recreational spaces. By fostering community input, CleanCo aims to not only advance its clean energy agenda but also to enhance the quality of life for residents in the region.

Supported by the State Government’s Queensland Energy and Jobs Plan, the Clean Energy Hub initiative holds promise for economic growth and job creation. Through the development of highly skilled local jobs, the project seeks to stimulate the economy while driving the transition towards cleaner energy alternatives. As CleanCo Queensland embarks on this transformative journey, the Swanbank Clean Energy Hub emerges as a beacon of sustainability, innovation, and collaboration, offering a glimpse into a greener and more resilient energy future for Queensland.  For further engagement reach out to: https://engagement.cleancoqueensland.com.au/